Black Friday Deals

The HoloCases Black Friday deals are too good to pass up.

The 2019 Perks:
  • 25% Off
  • Free Shipping
  • Every order includes a FREE Second Pattern

PLUS a a MEGA BONUS, we are giving away 10 FREE Cases & Bonus patterns. A $30 Dollar Value!

Here is how it works:

Hidden in this site are 3 coupon codes.
Find the 3 codes and enter them in the discount code box at checkout and your order is 100% FREE with FREE Shipping.

The codes themselves are buried in all areas of this website, they could be found on info pages, product pages ect.
In the text or images of the page you will see something like (code1 here).
find all three codes, put them into consecutive order and enter them into the discount box and BOOM, your case if FREE.

The codes shoud be entered like this